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Custom and standard sizes of I.Q. systems are available to fit all manufacturing needs. We offer rugged, steel construction with state-of-the-art controls for temperature and carbon. Units are available in either gas fired, featuring SER single end recuperator burner systems, or electrically heated with SCR controls. These units offer high volume work flows with energy savings and long life.
Our field-proven units are designed for low maintenance and energy savings, featuring proportional burner systems with excellent uniformity at 350F to 1400F ranges. These units are available in all sizes and hearth designs. All models are offered with choice of insulation and hearth loading systems, making them compatible with all existing furnace lines.

Spray and Spray Dunk Washers for batch applications are offered in all sizes to be compatible with all furnace lines and plant layouts. Washers are equipped with microprocessor based controls that allow operators to custom fit the cycle to specific requirements. Optional oil saving skimmers are available on all models.
We design and build Liquid Nitrogen Freeze Chambers that coordinate with your present systems to minimize handling costs. These units can be used in conjunction with vacuum furnaces, nitrogen methanol systems, or any systems that require inert gas to make this a cost-effective, nitrogen appliance. These units feature 300 Series alloy interiors with excellent uniformity.

The heart of any batch system requires a ruggedly built handling system for accurate positioning of all loads. We offer this heavy construction with PLC based controls for a field proven system. All units are maintenance friendly for ease of repair or future rebuild. We design these systems in all sizes and configurations, including single or double-ended units, standard or extended reach
Atmosphere Temper units are designed to provide clean, no scale tempering capabilities from 300F to 1250F without wasting valuable vacuum time. Fast cooling rates are achieved with water-to-air coolers controlled by the PLC programmer. These units are available in custom and standard sizes with optional atmosphere mixing.