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Carbottom Furnaces are designed with capacities up to 300,000 lbs. and temperature ranges to 2300F. Lightweight fiber linings and rugged car refactory, coupled with state-of-the-art pulse-fired, heating systems offer a 40% gas savings with excellent uniformity and heating rates. Drive systems and door design choices (guillotine or car type) are customized to your application. Options include recuperation, instrumentation, and customized pier loading areas.
We offer mill-size capacity Forge/Reheat Furnaces designed for heavy loading with high capacity, high efficiency heating systems. Uniquely designed guillotine doors offer excellent sealing capabilities with abrasion resistance. Burner options include proportional and PLC pulse firing for excellent uniformity and heat recovery over large areas.

Large volume, Atmosphere and Non-Atmosphere Anneal Batch Furnaces feature unique approaches to heating via alloy or SIC single end recuperator burner systems. We offer the most current PLC based control systems for accurate load temperatures. Quality-engineered material handling systems are available for large volume work flows.
Williams Industrial Service offers all size capacities in atmosphere or non-atmosphere Anneal Furnaces for the industry. Belt or roller-hearth type can be adpated to any customer requirements or plant layouts. High effficiency burner systems with SIC or alloy tubes coupled with PLC control are standard features of this equipment.